Submission Period: 21-12-2018 17:00 - 28-02-2019 22:59 CET (UTC+1)

Ionian University represented by the Department of Audio & Visual Arts takes part in the project “Common Initiatives to AcKnowledge and valorize tourism potential of the programme area through cinema” (CIAK). CIAK is funded by the Interreg V-A Greece-Italy Programme 2014-2020. The Department of Audiovisual Arts is responsible for organizing and delivering the planned educational activities starting in 2019, as well as theme-specific festivals.

Particularly, CIAK project envisages a pilot action called “Memory”, with the purpose of producing 10 fiction short movies about the common history between Greece and Italy. Accordingly, the aim of the pilot action is to enhance the visibility and image of the involved areas (Apulia and the Greek regions of Epirus, Western Greece and Ionian Islands), their identities and common history, their natural and cultural heritage through the audiovisual tool, by giving this task to young under-35 directors coming from the involved territories, in order to make them active protagonists of their own lands’ cultural development.

The interested economic operators can send their application through this digital platform available at the latest by 60 days after the publication date.

The applications sent after the aforementioned deadline or sent with different arrangements will be rejected. Particularly, the economic operator will submit, through the platform, the following documents in English and in non-editable PDF format:
a. Application Form (Annex 1);
b. Company profile (curriculum) of the economic operator;
c. Curriculum vitae of producer;
d. Copy of a valid identity document of the legal representative of the economic operator;
e. Original script (minimum 5 pages);
f. Director’s notes (i.e. director’s report clarifying visual, aesthetic and artistic aspects of project implementation as a supplement to what is already reported in the script);
g. Productions notes (i.e. producer’s report examining the implementation aspects of the project specifying the work approach and eventual solutions to face eventual difficulties inherent in the project);
h. Curriculum vitae of the director highlighting the educational background with reference to the cinema schools attended, filmography and eventual participation to festivals (a link to a showreel about what the director has eventually realised so far is encouraged).
i. Copy of a valid identity document of the director;
j. Total budget of the project (respecting the rules laid down in art. 2), the total amount of the budget shall not exceed € 24.000,00, VAT excluded;
k. The economic proposal (Annex 2) should not include VAT but should include any other tax/fee and cannot be higher than €24.000 (VAT excluded and any other tax included).

The lack of submission of all the requested annexes determines the inadmissibility of the application.
Submitting their application, applicants fully recognise and accept the rules, indications and requirements laid down in the present call.

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Call and Useful Documents

Call in working languages
    CALL Memoria CIAK 2018 English [.v5]
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    CALL Memoria CIAK 2018 Italian [.v5]
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    CALL Memoria CIAK 2018 Greek [.v5]
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Documents to fill in and submit
   Application Form (Annex 1)
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   Economic Proposal (Annex 2)
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Submission procedure guide
   Submission Procedure Guide
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